Pink Gin Marmalade

Pink Gin Marmalade


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A Pink Grapefruit Marmalade with traditional Pink Gin (London Dry Gin with Angostura Bitters)

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It’s a Pink thing darlings – Pink grapefruit with traditional Pink Gin – London Dry Gin with Angostura Bitters.  

Something a little different for your toast – any excuse to spread a little of your favourite cocktail on your toast, a real treat first thing in the morning.


No essences or oils added, just the real thing.




300g Jar


Suitable for Vegans

Gluten Free

100% Natural


Ingredients; Sugar, Pink Grapefruit, Water, Lemon, Gin, Pectin, Angostura Bitters.

Prepared with 46g fruit per 100g    /   Total sugar content: 64g per 100g

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